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Babies Learning to Eat by Themselves Can Help Avoid Pickiness

Most moms would spoon-feed their babies up to kindergarten, but research says that letting them eat by themselves can actually make them eat anything, but with caution.

A research in New Zealand examined the effects of starting your baby on a baby-led weaning (BLW). This method involves, letting your baby eat by themselves (as soon as he can sit comfortably on a high chair) soft chunks of food either by hand or with a spoon, rather than being spoon-fed. Proponents of the research points out the babies tend to regulate what they eat, which helps them avoid obesity.

The BWL practice can be messy at first, but babies can actually learn how to eat neatly from a bowl with a spoon as early as 8 months.

However, as published in JAMA Pediatrics, a group of 200 moms with 6 month old babies were observed in either BWL and spoon-feeding. By the time the BWL group are toddlers, ages 1-2, their body mass is just as likely to be obese as their spoon-fed counterpart. It can be a stark contrast to what the BWL researchers have promoted, the good news is that BWL babies are more likely to eat anything healthy, becoming less picky than spoon-fed group.