About Us

Established in March 2008, our company Tinybop, Inc., is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of infants wear and accessories. Currently, we own and exclusively distribute the brand LIPTON Baby.

LIPTON Baby fashion blends with imagination, comfort, and style to create functional and fashionable clothes for thousands of babies and kids.

With our flagship LIPTON Baby, the company is committed in creating quality yet affordable baby clothes for over half a century now. Ensuring that every tot is always dressed in unconditional affection with style and comfort.

Our corporate structure has a very casual environment as well as a friendly atmosphere between management and employees. People treat each other like family, which makes it easy to communicate and deal with each other. This contributes to the success of Tinybop, Inc. because it paves way for a better working environment, which in turn promotes teamwork. Our national commitment is to be able to provide employment and to be able to raise the local industry to higher levels. Its goal is to the able to penetrate the global market and promote it as a Filipino brand.

LIPTON Baby is a brand with over 50 years of existence now. The brand trusted by most moms to ensure their baby dressed in unconditional affection with style and comfort.